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Our Story - The Body Department - About Us

The Body Department launched in 2014 as a health and wellness editorial destination for women. Complete with workout regimens, juice recipes, the latest in wellness, healthy eating guides, and everything else you would typically find on a lifestyle platform. As the editorial landscape changed, so did a shift in the industry across all publications. Content became prisoner to UMVs (and therefor advertisers) and traffic was more important than a relationship with an audience. Everyone in publishing was playing the quantity over quality game in an effort to drive clicks. After feeling like we were pumping out content like robots, we started to lose the passion for why we originally launched the brand.

In 2016, our co-founder Melody Darlene Hernandez, decided we needed to pump the brakes and take some time to refocus and re-brand. While wellness advice and stories was still important to us, we decided we didn't need to be the ones to write about it. After all, there is a complete encyclopedia of information on Google! With a community of over half a million followers on our social media channels, we knew we could still share wellness information to our audience, but from other outlets that we're focused on creating it. This also helped us gain trust from our community of body warriors. We weren't claiming to be the end all, be all, for health information for women - no one is, but we could still source and curate the best articles from the web and share them on our social pages.

After we shifted our content strategy, Melody really pushed for us to create an experience for our audience. Thus came the next phase in our re-branding.... product. Our office is primarily made up of women from 24-35 years old of all different shapes and sizes. We work out before or after work, go to happy hour, events, and enjoy the occasional mimosa brunch on the weekend. Our wardrobe around the office consists of athleisure - comfort clothing we could get away with wearing to the gym and to cocktails. So we decided we wanted to create the clothing we were already wearing every day. 

Creating our first collection was a labor of love. It took a year to fully come together as we wanted to perfect the design, sizing options that were inclusive (currently XS - XXL), and the overall customer experience. From packaging, brand messaging, to product and design, we put our heart into this. We are an army for body love and self expression, so we hope you're able to express yourself with The Body Department.